New Members, Introduce Yourself!!

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Re: New Members, Introduce Yourself!!

Postby backyard » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:02 pm

Hi scotth7977 Welcome to the SCRF fourm.
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Re: New Members, Introduce Yourself!!

Postby Stump » Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:12 pm

Hey everyone. I'm in Piedmont and fish all the upstate lakes along with the Saluda, Reedy, Rabon, Savannah and any mountain creek I can get on with my fly rod. I use all fishing gear and like to catch fish no matter what species as I love the feel of a fish pulling on my line! I fish out of a Tri-hull motor boat and also have a Wilderness Ride 115 that I enjoy using, it brings back the fun in fishing as each catch puts a smile on my face no matter the size. I fish for crappie 90% of my time on the water but have gear for most species and even fished the salt water out of the kayak last month. Shark fishing is a must for any one that enjoys the pull :)
I'm in my mid 50's so I try to enjoy every day as it's my last when on the water. I look forward to sharing fishing info and stories with all the members here. I am on a few different forums and the wife thinks I will talk to anyone with ears.
Smallmouth and the Broad River is how I found this site while searching for info on fishing the Broad. Would love to fish it if I can find the right section to put the kayak in (or a ramp area ). Crossed over the river while going to fish Monticello with our kayak club in July and the river just peaked my interest so I been reading all I could find about the river.

My name is Ronnie and I look forward to spending some time on here with all of you.
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