My dad, BasserLewis, scores personal best shoalie!

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My dad, BasserLewis, scores personal best shoalie!

Postby BasserDrew » Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:14 pm

On Friday I had the chance to get my dad on the water and try to put him on some fish. I was hoping he would get a 5+ shoalie, but he got aweful close with his new personal best shoalie at 4-13! It slammed his spinnerbait hard and put up on heckuva fight.


This very well could be one of the fattest football's I've ever seen in my life. I caught a 4-15 a couple years ago with SSF that was this fat or maybe even fatter but this one was just plain round like a watermelon.


It was also one of the darkest and prettiest shoalies I have ever seen. Even on the photo of its belly you can see the darkness on its underside.

PawPaw came along and as usual was a pleasure to fish with even though he has changed his mind and does hate me :lol: jk. Why did PawPaw change his mind? Well, I suppose it has to do with the 5-10 and 5-4 that I was blessed with on this day. I took 3 pics of it, the last one with the flash on like Seminole Steve recommended. It turned out pretty good.

This fish was big but hardly put up a fight. I threw into some push water with a soft plastic bait and saw her rise up on it and suck it down. I set the hook and got nothin but air. I immediately picked up my fluke rod and threw it back in - nothin. Went back again with my original bait and whammo! Guess she wanted what she missed the first time.



Short while later I landed a 4-2, but it may be one of the worst pics ever cause when i look at it, it only looks like it is 3lbs or so. I guess SSFs picture illustration with the spot he caught can be put to practice on this one.



Then, I landed this 3-15 a short while later.


Then came the 5-4 that put up one of the most amazing fights ever. I was fishing in some shoals with my yak next to me barely hung on a rock when the fish hit - I immediately knew it was big cause she wouldnt budge. I stumbled a bit and braced against the yak which caused it to come loose. Then, the fish headed downstream in rapids. I had no choice but to go swimmin/wading while hanging onto the side of my yak down some rapids. It was straight out of "A River Runs Through It." Finally I brought her to hand and the 57 degree water up to my chest no longer felt so cold. What I would give to have that on camera or at least a witness.


After retying and surveying my new found resting spot for my yak and I, I saw another nice pool in casting distance. On my next cast WHAM - another 4-2.


Here are some shots that my dad took with his camera.

PawPaw doing his thing...



Looks like he got one of me as well.


And, he saw all these butterflys bunched up and got a good pic.


This last one is a pic that I took. I was fishing and all the sudden I look down and a fish washes right near me. I bend down and pick it up and this is what it was - some type of catfish. Anyone know what kind? I know the bass feed on these so I was wondering what kind it is.


Thanks again for a great trip guys. I wasnt around PawPaw much but I know he got into some fish as well. The bit wasnt amazing but the ones that seemed to bite my way just happened to be good ones. It is that time of year I guess.
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Postby derekp » Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:57 pm

Like old Old Milwaukee Beer commercials...

It doesn't get any better than this!

Awsome post and fish. Thanks for sharing.
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Postby Dux-n-Dawgs » Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:33 am

Wow Drew, awesome pictures of an awesome day. Those shoalies sure are a pretty fish.

As for your kittykat fish, I really can't tell from the picture, plus it's so young it's hard to tell as well. But if I was guessing it would be between channel, yellow bullhead or a flathead. Channels have deeply forked tails (which I can't tell from the picture), Flatheads don't have a large/long anal fin and have small eyes, and Yellow bull's are generally darker from top to bottom. But this is a young phishy .... so who knows where it is in the developemental stage ..... or if you were below a nuclear site :wink:

Yellow Bullhead ( Ameiurus natalis )
Pale yellow body and belly, head and back are solid brown. White chin barbels. Head is large, lateral line complete, unforked tail. Up to 6lbs, 1 to 3 lbs typical. Inhabits small, shallow lakes, ponds and slow moving streams with various bottoms from muck to gravel.

Flathead ( Pylodictis olivaris )
Flattened head, yellowish mottled with brown and green, lower jaw extens beyond upper jaw and unforked tail. Very small eyes. Up to 100lbs, less than 30lbs typical. Inhabits pools with some current, typically rocky rubble bottoms.

Channel ( Ictalurus punctatus )
Olive and brown to dark blue body, back not humped, deeply forked tail, anal fin has a curved margin. Up to 60lbs, 5 to 10lbs typical. Inhabits streams, rivers, eddies, and shallower water lakes and ponds.
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