Teaching Fishing Machine a Valuable Lesson Today

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Teaching Fishing Machine a Valuable Lesson Today

Postby BlackwaterBill » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:27 pm

Getting and keeping permission to fish.

We didn't have a shuttle but I knew where there was a creek I had crossed early in the week that looked good and was about 20 miles so we went over there about 4 PM after stopping at a river crossing that didn't have good access. The creek didn't have good access at the road either but looking down stream I saw where someone had been accessing the creek from an adjacent cow pasture.

We rode up the highway and saw a gate to the pasture. We went on up the hill to a field house where a man was cuttting grass. I asked him about going to the creek and he told me where the gate was. I said now I saw the gate but I want to be clear that I have permission to go in there, He said well its my uncle's place and he's up at the shop which he pointed out among several buidlings at the farm HQ. So we rode up to the shop and the man, we will call him Sammy, came out and we shook hands. He was lighting a blackish looking cigar and was very cordial. I intoduced myself and then fishingMachine who is learning to drive and had been sitting behind the wheel of the truck got out and we settled down to to do some talking.

I told him we were wanting to go to the creek and his nephew showed us the gate but that I didn't want to go unless it was clear that I had permission. I asked if he ever let anybody go to the creek by way of his pasture. He said no one had ever asked him but since I had he thought it would be all right. He went on to tell me of a hole where he had been catching bream on a fly pole but couldn't catch any bass. He said do you know how to catch a bass. I said well I know a thing or two and we will give a try. He said well if you catch any come back and let me know how you did it. As we headed down to the creek with his blessings, Fishing Machine commented, so that all there is to getting permission to fish. I said sometimes it is, sometime sit takes longer, sometime sthey say no.

We got to the creek with no trouble and found the hole he had mentioned and I caught a spot on my second cast. Fishing Machine had two before I caught my second one. We worked our way down stream and had caught about 15 a piece by the time it thundered. I looked at my watch and it was 730, We better start back I thought. Getting back up to the truck took 40 minutes and we picked up a bass or two on the way. We loaded up and went back up to Sammy's right at dark. He came out on the porch and we gave him the report. He was genuinely delighted that we had had good luck. I gave him a 2/0 Gamagatsu preweighted with an 1/8 oz lead head on it painted black with red glitter and a pack of Net Bait 4 inch worms watermelon with red glitter, I showed him how to rig it, then told him how to fish it. He said he intended to try the bass one day this week. Then he said the magic words, come back any time you want to, just go ahead fishing if you don't see me around.

I thanked him and Fishing Machine and I headed home. It was great evening on some new water and we were getting a badly need rain at my house when we arrived to enjoy hot leftovers from a Sunday dinner of pot roast, whipped potatoes and the best gravy in the world, sliced home grown tomatoes, steamed squash and some fresh pink eye peas.
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Postby derekp » Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:12 pm

Brother Bill, that is the definition of "cool". Great post!

If everyone did that, it would be much easier for all of us to access private water.

I once read a great book and in it I read "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Good words to live by.

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