Three Things I Hope Don't Happen Often

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Three Things I Hope Don't Happen Often

Postby BlackwaterBill » Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:08 pm

First I went to some new water, fresh location on a small river that I have fished in other locations, with water low, but holes here & there. When I put my canoe into the water I did not notice that the back was sitting up on a small log parallel with the edge of the river. It must have been up maybe 3 inches. Just enough. When I stepped in, the boat rolled me out in the river where it was about waist deep. Heheheh I checked my pockets and all I had not put in the dry box was a small rubber flashlight and I think it was no harm done to it. I paddled up thirty minutes to fish back an hour and a half. I starting catching bream on a popper right off the bat.
I tired of that quickly because there was some fine looking bass water and I have caught one over six in the past upstream from where I was. I tied on Derekp's big green grassshopper in place of that little popper and started whipping that thing towards every piece of wood and rock that I thought had a chance to hold a big largie. I guess I had used 30 minutes of my float time catching bream, so I had about an hour to dark. I planned to be at the truck at 815. About 8 I whipped that hopper over towards a log that jutted maybe a third of the way out into the river. Instead of laying the hopper upstream of the log and sliding it down the log till it came out in the river, I landed it about 6 inches from the end of the log out in the river. No problem I thought, the water is not swift, and I let the hopper lay for maybe 15 or 20 seconds then I rared back to relocate the hopper on the upstream side and further towards the bank. That hopper had not cleared the water when old iron jaw came up out of the dark water, broke the surface missing the hopper I had just jerked away from her by a gnat's eyelash. That behomoth made a splash with a spooky, deafening sound up that river where there was no sound except the occasional yellow hammer and the barred owls that had started trying to pair up. Did I nearly lose my breath? Yes, of course. Did I think some unseen person had thrown a cement block into the river at the end of that log. Yes I did. Would I have messed my pants if I hadn't been a veteran river sneaker that has had similar experience? Yes I would have. Would a little boy have screamed and had a melt down if he had been with me? For sure. When I collected my wits, I thought first, stupid, you just jerked your bait away from old iron jaw. Then after reflection, I realized I didn't really do that, I just happened to be moving my bait and old iron jaw blew up on it coincidentally. Did I throw that bait over there about 40 more times, hanging around, hoping old iron jaw would come up again? Yes I did. Was it dark when I got to the truck? You bet. When I put my muddy clothes in the mop sink, plugged it, turned the water on and went to tell my wife all the little details about the adventure, did I forget about the spigot being on and flood the laundry room? Yes I did that too. If she hadn't had to pee and saw it when she went to the bathroom I guess I would have flooded the house. Now I'm going to take a valium and eat my supper.
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Postby Clay Walters » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:09 pm

Sounds like a full day Bill.

Clay Walters
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Postby derekp » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:42 pm

Now that is funny!

Great report BWB. I could see it all happening in my mind.
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