Goose Control ... kids first

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Goose Control ... kids first

Postby Dux-n-Dawgs » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:03 am

There are many things in life that trips one's trigger for happiness. For most of us on here it's fishing, especially river fishing. Some prefer kayaks, some prefer fly rods ... but all-n-all it's river fishing. For me it's being in the outdoors, but especially bass fishing, bowhunting and waterfowl hunting ...... and not in any particular order. I've spent many a mornings to not fire a shot .... and any wwaterfowl hunter that acts like they just wack'um everytime has probably not been hunting very long, thus mornings like below make them that more special.

This season has been slow for me...... and a lot of others that I've talked to. A duck here, a goose there ... but nothing spectacular except for getting to hunt with old friends and making new ones.

We started out that morning on time. 'Killer and I had 2 young boys with us that had never hunted out of layout blinds, much less in hay fields. Both of them were brothers who had hunted flooded timber for wood ducks and lake hunted, but neither had ever killed a goose before or hunted waterfowl over dry land.

By the time we got blinds put out, grassed in, and goose decoys put out and set to my 'perfectionist' liking .... we were behind. I had everyone in their blinds and was telling the boys what to do and to wait til my command to shoot ...... and at that moment the first group of about 10 flew in ..... and might I add from the wrong direction and the wrong time ..... with me still out of my blind. :? After scouting this field for a week, the birds were coming from a certain direction off the lake and at 7:30'ish ...... not 6:55 and from the completely opposite direction. So I'm laying on my belly, behind all the blinds, trying to call these birds in for a shot. With so many people out hunting that final weekend, it had the birds moving, and i told my crowd .... this might just shape up for one good morning .... IF ...

But the whole morning was a good and the hunt turned out excellent. The ultimate in waterfowl hunting is to see a caller make birds circle and finally come into the decoys ........ what we like to call 'working the birds'. Fortunately I was able to get every flock to circle at least twice, some making as many as 6-8 passes before we took the shot.

In the end, both boys had a bird a piece and grins the size of Texas, the dog got to pick birds up (including some really long and tough retrieves), 'Killer killed one with her bare hands :shock: and she got some good pictures of it all. To protect the young, I'll just show the pictures of 'Killer, my young dog, and myself.

Hal-loween ......... you should have been there.

Got Goose???

My truck .... and My Geese ....... so she thinks

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Don't mess with the Killer

Postby CricketKiller » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:37 am

Dux-n-Dawgs wrote:'Killer killed one with her bare hands :shock:

If that wasn't enough to have you scared- Here is a picture of my girls!

I shot these two does this past deer season with only one shot. That's right-- two deer- one bullet!

Both of these does weighed about 140- 150lbs each.


You better watch out Dux! :D
You find time to do what you want to do!
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Postby FishinsMyLife » Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:56 pm

Good shootin on the geese and deer

Did you kill them both with one shot on purpose?
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Postby derekp » Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:20 pm

Dang Dux, you are one lucky man! :mrgreen:

'Killer' is a keeper bro. Yeah, I know she's pretty and all that, but having someone to share the outdoors with is...PRICELESS. For everything know the rest.

I have only done a little hunting and love just shooting guns at paper but that looks like a lot of fun! Way cool post. Like you said "I've spent many a mornings to not fire a shot " is on target. It's not just the thrill of victory, it is great just getting out and giving it your best.

Congrats on the 2 for 1, Killer. You got to tell the whole story now.

Thanks for sharing,

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Postby Dux-n-Dawgs » Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:29 pm

thanks guys !

Yea, 1 shot .... 2 deer ...... with a MUZZLELOADER ! ! ! !

I don't want to ruin it for her, so I'm going to let her tell it ...... but all I got to say is I was thrilled to get to see it all go down :wink: 8)

Now we just got to get her one with the bow she just bought. I custom fletched her arrows to match more of her style ..... 2 pink feathers with 1 white nocking feather and a white nock to make it color match :roll:
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