celticfisherman ...... archery targets

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celticfisherman ...... archery targets

Postby Dux-n-Dawgs » Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:42 am

Hey man !
What kind of archery target are you looking for? Just practice? 3-D? Mostly field points w/ occassional broadheads? What are you shooting (i.e. lb draw, carbon vs aluminum, speed cam/ round wheel/ single cam, etc).

I like 3-D animal targets for most practice, especially for 3-D tournament practice.

I like anything with dots (the smaller the better) for practicing things such as shooting form and tightening my aiming.

WalMart had a 'Buckmasters Target' block type target that I think was made by Morrell Targets that is excellent for the money ... it was like $30 ....... however it's a seasonal product like most things in the Sporting Goods. I've got buddies that have 'The Block' and all have agreed that it's over-rated and over-priced. I've shot 'The Black Hole' Target as well, it seems to hold up pretty well also. All of these targets do well until you start shooting them with broadheads.

The best thing I've found for broadheads is cheap block styrofoam.

As far as a 3-D deer target, I'm in the market for one myself as well. I'm Currently eye'ing Delta's Backyard Buck, Riverbottom Buck, and Treestand Buck. THe problem with the Treestand Buck is it has vitals depicted on it instead of scoring rings ..... so if you're wanting a 3-D target for 3-D tournament practice, I'd stay away from this one.

If money is no object, I personally like the McKenzie Natra-Look Series of targets ...... but you're talking $225/ deer target instead of $75.

One thing to remember as well. If you chew up a 3-D target, you can always fill in the chewed out area with that Foam in a Can stuff and paint it. :wink: it's not as perfect as just putting in a new replacement vital, but it works.
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