The Greatest Lure in the History of all of History

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The Greatest Lure in the History of all of History

Postby bcgamecock » Fri Mar 27, 2009 4:40 am

The Teeny Wee Frog

I was a teenager when the Teeny Wee Frog came into my life. There wasn’t much to it really; I bought it with a handful of other Rebel brand fishing lures. It was a tiny little frog in a green and yellow color combination with a clear lip that helped it dive a few inches under water while being retrieved. In pretty short order, the clear lip became permanently dyed a reddish hue from something in my tackle box. I thought of replacing it at the time, but figured the fish probably wouldn’t really mind. They didn’t.

In fact, it could be that the fish liked it better with the red lip, though I have no proof of this. What I do have, are memories of slow fishing days being saved by that Teeny Wee Frog on too many occasions to count. If I were to mention all the times this little lure turned a poor fishing trip around, my credibility would be shot. I’d be called a liar, a perjurer, a prevaricator.

Sometimes it was just an average fishing trip that was perhaps coming to an end with one or two fishing buddies having an advantage on me in numbers of fish caught. With the sun taking its leave and the boat being paddled back to shore, I’d tie on the Teeny Wee Frog with just enough time for one or two casts. It wasn’t uncommon for those one or two casts to produce at least one fish, and not at all unheard of for it to bring two to the boat, much to the chagrin of my fishing pals.

But the Teeny Wee Frog really shined on the worst of fishing days, such as early in the spring when the fish just weren’t biting yet, or during windy and rough days when it was tough to even get a bite. After a while, my pals would look through their tackle boxes not unlike a schoolboy caught playing hooky looks at the truant officer. Their complete helplessness was a joy for me to see as they watched me tie on the Teeny Wee Frog. It might take a dozen or more casts on such days, but the Teeny Wee Frog would get the job done. I seem to recall offering the lure on loan for a cast or two, but this was declined by all, and seemed to bring about a more spirited, if not frantic, effort by my friends to find their own bit of magic in their tackle boxes. It never happened for them, and they came to admire—if not fear—the Teeny Wee Frog.

Bream, crappie, largemouth bass, and yes, once, even a catfish fell for my imitation croaker with the discolored lip. I fished that same lure for a good 8 or so years. It became a legend within my fishing circle—so much so, that even today, some 20 years later, when the fishing is tough, those same friends will say, with no small degree of delight, “Hey BC, you can tie on the Teeny Wee Frog!”

But alas, the Teeny Wee Frog is no more. I lost it years ago in a real estate transaction. Yes, one of my fishing rods was hanging in an in-law’s closet at his lake house with the Teeny Wee Frog tied on. I got there too late. The house was sold. The locks were changed, and no one was there to plead my case to. I’ve never admitted it before, but years later I once motored my fishing boat into the cove of this lake house, and upon finding some kids on the dock taking turns casting a tiny lure on a familiar-looking fishing rod, I felt myself overcome with emotion, and the words blurted out of my mouth before I could stop them; “Is that my Teeny Wee Frog?”

This verbal malfunction on my part understandably resulted in the lady of the house calling down from the top deck, “kids, come on inside for a bit.” And with that, my last fleeting hopes of recapturing the greatest lure in history ended.

Truth be told, the Rebel Company still makes the Teeny Wee Frog in the green and yellow color combination. I even have two or three in my various tackle boxes. But they’ve never done anything for me. Perhaps it’s the red-dyed lip that did the trick on all those unsuspecting fish. Or perhaps it’s just my lack of confidence that the replacements can get it done. I like to think I’ve given them ample opportunity, but who knows, maybe I just don’t want to let go of the memories I have of my original Teeny Wee Frog.
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Postby TygerRiverWalker » Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:28 pm

Maybe try looking at it this way. One of those kids is gonna catch something on that great old lure and the circle will continue. There is nothing better than passing on the passion of fishing.
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