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How to Post a Picture/Create an Avatar

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:21 pm
by Creekstalker
This is all you ever need to know about posting pictures and creating an avatar. I pasted this from the Georgia River Fishing board, so where it says GRF, for our purposes that means the SCRF message board.

1) First, take a picture and get it into digital format. Even if you don't have a digital camera, most photo developers will put your film pics into digital format on a CD for an extra charge. Other online developers like will develop them and then allow you to download them from their website.

2) Once you get the picture on your computer (either on your hard drive or on CD), you may need to resize. 640x480 or 800x600 format are good sizes for use on this board. What you are trying to do is make the picture a size that will fit comfortably on your screen. There are many packages you can use to do this, but one that is standard on all Windows PCs is MS Paint. To use it,
- Locate your picture and open it using MS Paint by right-clicking on the file and selecting Open With.../Paint.
- Many times you will see a large picture like this,

- Shrink it by selecting Image, then Stretch/Skew
- Put in values for Stretch (Horizontal and Vertical) that reduce the picture to the desired size (in this case 50 and 50).
- Save the file (as a new name, perhaps with the suffix "small", if you want to retain the larger format picture.

3) Now, upload your new resized picture to an image-sharing website. There are many, but I use with great results. It's easy-to-use and free to sign up.

4) To upload, simply hit the Browse button and select a picture on your computer. Then hit the Submit button.

5) To get the URL of your picture on Photobucket, you simply scroll down, find your picture, click on URL display and do a CTL-C (copy)

6) Then,
- Open a new browser window on GRF and post a New Topic or Post Reply
- Type up your story or description
- Press the IMG button (best if you do this on a new line)
- Do a CTL-V (Paste) to put the URL in your post
- Press the IMG* button again
- Submit your post

7) Voila! You've posted your picture.


In this case, it's a 9.2 LMB that Buzzbait Al can't put on his stringer because he caught it in a lake in February on a red Rat-L-Trap. Nice 'un, hunh? Anybody here caught one bigger this year anywhere?


This has some of the same steps you learned above.

1) First you must reduce the size of your picture to 80x80 pixels and less than 6kb. You can use MS Paint or other graphics package for this.
- In MS Paint, first reduce the size of the picture to something that fits on your screen; select Image, then Stretch/Skew and enter 50/50 or some other number to get the entire picture on the screen. (By the way, you can always use CTL-Z to Undo the last action you took.)

- Now, you need to crop and reduce the picture to avatar size. First, click on the Select button at the top, second column. Then draw a box around the area that you wish to save like so.


- Now, reduce the size of the selected area by grabbing the bottom right corner of the image and moving it up and to the left until you've made something that resembles avatar size like this.


- Now hit CTL-X to cut this picture so you can clear your palette. To clear the palette, select CTL-A, then hit the Delete key.

- Create a palette that is 80x80 pixels by selecting Image/Attributes then enter 80 and 80

- Paste the picture you cut by selecting CTL-V.

- Finally, clean it up by first clicking somewhere off the palette, the grabbing the bottom right corner of the palette and moving it inward to the borders of the picture.
Once this is done, you can save the picture as a different file.


2) Upload this picture to an image sharing site like Photobucket as described in 3) above.

3) Back in the GRF window, click on the Profile link at the top of the page (assume you're already logged in), the scroll to the Avatar Control Panel at the bottom of the page. Copy the URL link from Photobucket into the third box, Link to Offsite Avatar, and click Submit.

4) That should do it. Provided your picture meets the constraints noted in 1) above, the avatar should show up next to your name on all your posts. Something like this...
Son, even at 80x80 pixels, that thing is huge!