10/4 Report

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10/4 Report

Postby FBMoche » Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:31 pm

Took my good friend Stub to the river for his first voyage. He did very well with the boat and caught 3 or 4 fish. This was a short float so that was not too bad. I think I caught about 10 on the float.

I thought we were in for the big show when I told him to cast out in front of the put in before he started paddling. BANG! He catches his first river smallie on cast #1. Made me look like I knew what I was doing. :wink:


This 4-5 largie hammered my buzzbait and put up a nice fight.


I caught a couple more on buzzers and a few on the Pop-R and Slug-go. The largies seem much more active right now than the smallies.
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